Barretiste Barre is a fast-paced, music-driven barre class with emphasis on individual needs and creativity within the proven structure of barre technique. Each class will provide a full-body workout focusing on targeted muscle isolation and muscle-exhausting reps as well as complementary stretches for clients of all levels - providing challenges and modifications to fit individual needs! Get ready to amp up your strength, flexibility, endurance and grace in this 60 minute workout!



For the Barretiste on the go...The Barretiste Burner is a faster-paced, condensed version of the Barretiste Classic. Burners are a full-body workout that last 45 minutes and save stretching largely for the end of class. Get ready to amp up your strength, flexibility, endurance and grace in just 45 minutes!


A class for new Barretistes, or those just wanting to brush up on the basics, Barretiste Foundations slows set-ups and transitions down a notch to ensure clients are getting the most out of each pose, exercise and cue to target and exhaust the appropriate muscles while avoiding injury.

Foundations is a 75-minute class that will provide a full body workout with extra time allotted for explanation, modifications and attention to form.

Highly recommended for all Barretiste new clients!!


While every Barretiste class is pre and post-natal friendly, moms-to-be and new moms are encouraged to take advantage of our pre-natal classes, which are taught using the exercises and modifications appropriate and desirable for various stages of pregnancy and post-natal fitness.

Classes will be one hour in length, and individually-priced workshops will vary from 75-90 minutes in length. Check our schedule for both!